Monday, August 19, 2019

Mini-Campaign Concept

visualizing a mini-campaign

The first set of games will be played out using a mini-campaign concept from Tony Bath's book: "Setting up a Wargames Campaign".

Under this concept two teams of three players each will divide up a mass army into corps and divisions into three 'columns' that will face each other in the A-B-C battles, then the winning side of the best-of-three series will then face off against the losing side of the same battles in a 'final battle' that will determine if there will be a successful conquest in this campaign.

The winning side gets a return of 30% of their losses in the battle, from men returning to the colors and having access to the battlefield and the supplies needed for them are easily sourced so that they may be fighting fit.  The retreating side only gets 10% of their battle losses counting as returned to the colors as many do not have the arms and equipment needed to be fighting fit.  Moreover often times a retreating force will have difficulty calling the men back to arms due to the loss of morale connected with such battlefield losses.

Not a huge campaign, yet something that the players could at least get a sense of what a more complex and elaborate campaign might be like.

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